About Us / Profile

From its modest beginnings in 1960 to its present leadership in its field in the healthcare sector of Kuwait’s economy, BSBC has succeeded in constantly evolving and adapting itself to its dynamic environment.

BSBC has become a dominant player in the Primary Healthcare market in Kuwait, supplying a wide range of products to HealthCare professionals. In addition, Bader Sultan & Bros. Co. is recognized as a preferred supplier to both Public & Private Hospitals.

Our Core Business

BSBC'S wide and diverse client base within Kuwait also adds to its stable foundation. Currently, 70% of its business consists of numerous projects with the government sector, while 30% is made up of transactions with the private sector. lt is now ranked first in the State of Kuwait in the supply and maintenance of hospital and scientific systems and equipment. It is also ranked among the foremost suppliers of pharmaceuticals RSA 050-SEPROAUTH-02 and recognized as a pioneer in the field of medical disposables as well a leading supplier of agricultural and veterinary products. BSBC's main product lines include hospital, medical and analysis equipment, medical electronics, medical diagnostic and scientific instruments, medical hospital supplies, medical appliances, medical consumables sterilization equipment, X-ray accessories and medical furniture. They also offer state of the art environmental and censoring devices and instruments and the knowledge and expertise need to be the leaders in the region.

The company also offers customers advanced medical management services, medical and environmental solutions and consultations according to strict international standards, and the highest principles of business ethics and voluntary self regulation, that have earned it an enviable proven record of marketplace honesty and integrity.

We Lead By Example

Bader Sultan & Brothers Co. W.L.L. is committed to using the technology of tomorrow for the people of today. Most of the marketed cutting edge products are imported from world famous name manufacturers that uphold the highest quality standards.

Bader Sultan & Brothers Co. strives to be a trend setter in both technology and design and continues to offer innovative solutions in the medical ,scientific and environmental fields. Likewise it has plans to expand into the regional market with its current portfolio of products as well as any new products its business development team consider lucrative.