About Us / Our Team

BSBC has firm plans for expanding its various divisions, including Pharmaceutical, Hospital and Technical support divisions through accelerating hiring of competent staff and setting up of new offices in other key markets within the Gulf region and the Middle East.

BSBC presently employs more than 150 well-motivated and highly-experienced staff, led by expertly qualified and dynamic management teams, who have efficiently guided the company's workforce.

In pursuit of its standard of excellence, each employee in the various divisions periodically undergoes rigorous and intensive training sessions and orientation workshops held both in-house and at different parts of the world.

Working for the future… today

Business integrity, superior customer service, community involvement and support, are the principles in our delivery of long term value. BSBC is committed to increase efficiency by developing processes that build infrastructure and sound ethical business practices. We believe this promotes long term longevity and solidifies our customer loyalty which is our primary goal.

The growth of BSBC is based on sole agency agreements and partnerships with internationally recognized medical manufacturers. These partnerships allow for the transfer of both clinical information and product applications to the benefit of the patient, and to cement this partnership, BSBC has a team of highly qualified technical support engineers to provide the after-sales services that both suppliers and customers expect.

The company is continuously in negotiations with major healthcare suppliers and continues to search the world for the latest advances in medical care supplies.

We have come a long way and look forward to even greater accomplishments in the future.