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Open any website dealing with absenteeism or common maladies and you will come up with statistic after listing back pain as one the most common human complaints, after the common cold.

Indeed, back pain will affect every human at one stage of his or her life or another and that is why BSBC has setup a separate division to deal with the latest innovations dealing with spine pain whether resulting from injuries or degeneration.

This division also deals with the other parts of the human skeletal system and provides cutting edge technologies for the treatment of its ailment and the management of pain associated with such ailments.

We at the Orthopedic and Spine Division are a team of highly qualified personnel who are committed to introduce pioneer, revolutionary and distinct orthopedic treatments. The division takes immense pride in offering physicians and patients the ultimate solutions with the most advanced technology instruments.

For Trauma cases we offer the basic instrumentations, implants and high quality alternatives.
In Sport Medicine injuries, the focus is on a high definition Arthroscopy system which represents an innovative procedure with a unique solution by using advanced products.

We approach Arthroplasty with extremely sophisticated and smart products (Total Knee, Total Hip and Total Shoulder) with a fully integrated line and exceeding the current needs of orthopedic surgeons.

For Spine disease, we represent the leaders of the most intelligent and precise solutions in Spine Surgeries and it Minimally Invasive Treatments.