Divisions / International Operations / Khafji Joint Operations

Our International Operations started in March 2003, with the signing of an exclusive Business Partnership Agreement (BPA) to supply the US Marines with Pharmacueticals and Medical supplies in Kuwait.

Another BPA with US Army was awarded in June, 2003 for supplying Pharmacueticals and Medical supplies.
Yet Another BPA with UK-Joint Forces was awarded in 2003 for supplying Pharmaceuticals and Medical supplies.

Our Second step on the road to establishing our international presence, was a regional venture with Agility Logistics Company, whereby we supply for five years all the pharmaceutical and other medical requisites and equipment to the Joint Operations Hospital in Khafji, Saudi Arabia.
The Joint Operations Hospitals is a modern general 100 bed operation owened by two regional oil giants, ARAMCO of Saudi Arabia and KOC of Kuwait, and which serves the employees of both companies and their families.

We believe this venture will further strenghthen our credentials as we move on to become a fully fledged international operator, something that was clearly exhibited when the huge media campaign that accompanied our launching of the Laser Diet Zerona machine in the Middle East reverberated in 108 countries world wide and created phenomenal success.

Concomitantly, BSBC expanded regionally in 2009 through more than 20 new representations of internationally renowned manufacturers of a wide range of health care products.