About Us / Giving Back To Society

We will not allow our success to make us lose sight of our commitment to Kuwait society and will always strive to play an active role in developing our community.

There should be no doubt that Bader Sultan & Brothers Co. seeks financial benefits from the financial and strategic commitment of its owners and the diligent and dedicated efforts of its professional cadres, but we are also equally committed to sharing part of our financial rewards with the society in the midst of which we thrive, in the form of philanthropy and event sponsoring.

Over the last 15 years we have maintained an accelerating development in turnover and profit and have ploughed back some of those profits into philanthropic projects for the benefit of our society.

Faisal Sultan Ben Essa Diagnostic Centre

BSBC strongly believes that being the leader is not limited to sales and profitability, but also in being an example of charitable actions and the sense of giving back to society that we live in.

Donated to the People of Kuwait in 2008, Faisal Sultan Ben Essa Diagnostic Centre is a monument to our commitment and a clear statement to our sense of community.

The 11,000 sqr. Meter Centre is equipped with a large array of diagnostic and radiation therapy equipment including a cyclotron, CT and PET SCAN and an ANTARES Sonar as well as Gamma Cameras among its state-of-the-art equipment that make it a world class centre worthy of comparison with the best centres of its kind worldwide.

We continue to train and offer our expertise to those entrusted by the Ministry of Health to run and operate this centre.

Jahra Hospital – Diagnostic Radiology & Nuclear Medicine Taking a leading role, BSBC donated the building, fully designed and equipped the Diagnostic Radiology & Nuclear Medicine at Jahra Hospital facility as well as provided the training and expertise. When given the opportunity, we will not spare any expense or effort to show our appreciation and dedication to the betterment of our community.