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BSBC is ranked among the top suppliers of pharmaceuticals and recognized as a pioneer in the field of Genetics and Metabolic Medicines, Nuclear Medicine and Radiology as well as a supplier of Agricultural and Veterinary products.

The Pharmaceuticals Division has the following units :
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Nuclear Medicine
  • Radiology
  • Genetics and Metabolic Medicines
  • Oncology
  • Agriculture -Veterinary

With a comprehensive catalogue of pharmaceuticals, medications and medical supplies, coupled with a complete line of agricultural and veterinary products, our customers in Kuwait include Ministry of Health Hospitals, Private Hospitals and Polyclinics, Military Hospital, Kuwait Oil Company, Kuwait National Petroleum Company, Public Authority of Agriculture and Fish Resources, Kuwait Institute of Scientific Research, Kuwait United Poultry and Kuwait Farmer Federation.

We also supply to more than 300 Local Pharmacies, Private Hospitals, Clinics and Co-operatives across Kuwait.

We take pride in representing some of the top corporation in the field of pharmaceutical supplies around the world, such as :

Eli Lilly Export SA USA
Grunenthal GmbH Germany
Grunenthal Pharma AG Switzerland
Sicor Europe SA - Lemery & Pharmachemie Switzerland
Gulf Inject LLC UAE
GlobalPharma Co LLC UAE
Phadisco Ltd Cyprus
GE Healthcare UK
Mologen AG Germany
Biomarin Pharmaceuticals USA
Genzyme USA
Genzyme Europe BV Netherlands

We are also honored to market agriculture and veterinary medical supplies of the following internationally renowned corporations :

DuPont de Nemours SAS Switzerland
The Arab Pesticides & Vet. Drugs Mfg Co Jordan
Pantex Holland B.V Holland
Elanco Animal Health Switzerland
Veterinary Serum & Vaccine Research Institute Egypt
BVP Animal Care (VETPHARM Animal Care) UK
Altuntas Turkey