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Bader Sultan & Bros. Co. continues to show dedication to the research and transfer of healthcare technology, in all its forms, from its sources all over the world, to the hospitals, clinics and individuals in Kuwait.

As we seek out reputable manufacturers to represent in Kuwait and succeed as the marketers of their products, we are now ranked first in the State of Kuwait in the supply and maintenance of hospital and scientific systems and equipment.

Likewise, we have plans to further add to our already diverse Portfolio of medical services, clinical supplies, equipment and disposables.

Our diverse product line includes :

Ventilators - Operating lights - Diathermy - stretchers - EEG / EMG / ENG - Audiometers - Cochlear implants - Blood & Fluid Warmers - Thermal Blankets - Asetatic Lasers - Phototherapy - Invasive Temperature Management.

We are honored to represent some of the leading manufacturers in the medical equipment fields such as: Maquet - Neurelec - Minrad - Interacoustics - Cadwell - Milesman - Waldmann - TSCI - Amplaid - Aytodynamics - Terumo - Ginveri.

Some of our most prominent customers include :

Ministry of Health - Kuwait Oil Company - Military Hospital - Kuwait University – as well as most of the Private Hospitals and Clinics.

As we grow and expand, we see great potential in many new fields such as :

  • Emergency Medicine
  • Operating theaters
  • Dermatology
  • Sterilization
  • Intensive Care
  • ENT & Audiology
  • Cosmetics

Health Support :

BSBC established its reputation by providing high quality products to our discerning customer base, which is continually expanding through personal recommendation from satisfied clients and diligent marketing efforts of our tireless team of professional salespersons. The division offers a comprehensive catalogue of medical disposable and point of care products and a wide range of medical Services. From the humble injection syringe to the most advanced portable diagnostic instrument. We take pride in representing some of the world prominent medical supply corporations.

We continue to maintain a very dynamic relation with the major international corporations of medical supplies because we believe that there is no compromise when it comes to the health and welfare of our community. We are proud to be dealing with such great companies like :